Statement of Integrity, Professional Competence and Judicial Temperament


In 2004, the citizens of North Carolina elected me to the North Carolina Court of Appeals and in 2010, I was elected to my current seat on the Supreme Court. I cannot overstate how overwhelmed I was with gratitude at this outpouring of support. Since first taking office as a judge in January 2005, I have done my best to live up to the trust that the citizens placed in me when they first elected me to judicial office. I have participated in hundreds of cases that are important to every citizen in this State. In every decision, I have sought to follow through on my longstanding judicial philosophy that it is the duty of the judicial branch to judge fairly and impartially, and within the limitations provided by the constitution and laws of the State. Put simply: Judges should judge; legislators should legislate.

When asked during job interviews over the years what my greatest strength is, I consistently have responded, my integrity. I always have strived to conduct myself in a manner that will reflect well both on myself as a person and as a member of the legal profession. Our profession is grounded in the imperative that attorneys abide by the Rules of Professional Conduct-rules that require us to maintain that sense of integrity and to be as straightforward and honest in our dealings with our colleagues as possible while maintaining our obligations of client confidentiality. I have followed those rules, tenets and principles assiduously throughout my legal career-and frankly, it has not been difficult because those are core values with which I was brought up and which I was expected to follow. I have found that this course of conduct has served both me and my clients well throughout my career, and I have continued to conduct myself in this manner on both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals benches.

Finally, I am a fair and even-handed person. I think that is an essential characteristic that one should look for in evaluating a candidate for a judicial office. In addition, with the breadth and depth of my personal and professional experience, I have the demonstrated legal ability to form a carefully considered opinion, based upon both the facts and the law and render consistent justice to the citizens and the attorneys of the State of North Carolina. I believe my career choices have demonstrated a commitment to equal justice under law, freedom from bias and compassion.

I think you can see from the career path I have chosen during my fourteen years practicing law here in Wake County and my thirteen years as an appellate court judge serving on both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals that my commitment to public service is strong. I ask for your support as I seek re-election to a second term on the Supreme Court of North Carolina.


"Her sense of fairness exceeds all other influences and we could not be better served by a more experienced jurist. I cannot wait to once again vote for Barbara Jackson for the N.C. Supreme Court."

- Cherie Berry

  North Carolina Commissioner of Labor

"Justice Barbara Jackson is an outstanding judge who has earned a reputation for fairness and integrity on our state’s Supreme Court.... She applies the law as written rather than according to any personal agenda. She should be re-elected to the Court."

- Burley Mitchell

  Retired Chief Justice of North Carolina 

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Raleigh, NC 27605


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